Negative Emissions

Need Cleaner Environment? Negative Emissions is the Key!

Global warming is no longer a threat; it is a clear and present danger. Emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 is one of...
Scott Amyx Exponential Technologies

Scott Amyx Speaking on Exponential Technologies in San Diego (Video)   Video:
Solar Power

Solar Power May Soon Be the Biggest Source of Renewable Energy

As per International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy comprised two-thirds of power added to world’s grids in 2016. Among all the sources of renewable...

Walmart Plans to Stock Your Fridge Even if You Are Not Home

Walmart, the retail giant, is not resting on its laurels. It is embracing technology to continuously enhance its service offerings and achieve greater customer...
Soft Robotics

Big Breakthrough in Soft Robotics Makes Life-like Robots Possible

Recent years have seen big advances in Robotics. Soft Robotics, a Robotics sub-field dealing with fabricating robots using materials that imitate human tissues, just...
Resolute Innovation

Resolute Innovation will Connect Big Ideas with Big Businesses

Startup Resolute Innovation is developing a database that will connect the latest research projects to interested businesses. With so many studies being conducted worldwide...
wireless charging

Pi Charger is Taking Wireless Charging to the Next Level

A significant number of smartphones are now able to charge wirelessly. Google Nexus 7, Blackberry Priv, and Microsoft Lumia are among these models, while...
Biome Science

Biome Science Attracting VC Money into Agriculture

Agriculture holds the key to a sustainable and prosperous future. With farming occupying 10 percent in the world economy and the world’s rapid population...
Scott Amyx Internet of Humans 3

Scott Amyx Speaking on the Internet of Humans: Future of Brain Computer Interface (Video) Video:
Scott Amyx Korea 4th Industrial Rev

Scott Amyx Speaking on How Korea Can Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Video) Video:  

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