Resolute Innovation will Connect Big Ideas with Big Businesses

Resolute Innovation
Source: TechCrunch

Startup Resolute Innovation is developing a database that will connect the latest research projects to interested businesses. With so many studies being conducted worldwide and research and developments being done across industries, finding the appropriate patents can take too much time and disorganized effort. Therefore, Resolute intends to organize this search by connecting companies with the biggest and brightest ideas in their respective industries. The New-York based company’s technology-scouting software is a searchable R&D database that will include concepts in industries such as space, pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, and cosmetics.

Funding the Project

Revolution Ventures is leading the funding for this project. Its Series A funding aims to raise $3.3 million to expand the project’s reach and capabilities. AOL co-founder, Steve Case, Tige Savage, and David Golden are the founders of Revolution Ventures. Case strongly believes in Resolute’s platform, especially in how it will bridge the gap between innovators and businesses. This will help in connecting innovators to the businesses that can scale and commercialize those big ideas. Resolute will also be utilizing AI technology to index and organize all the available ideas, making the research and development more searchable to the interested businesses.

Universities, research institutes, hospitals, federal laboratories, and startups are some of the primary sources for research and new ideas. Resolute uses a subscription-based business model. Thousands of companies, including Fortune 500 ones and some large institutions, have subscribed to Resolute’s software.

Resolute’s CEO, Sebastian Metti, spoke of expanding their current researcher network to Asia, North America, Israel, and Europe. This could spell global opportunities for businesses across the world.