Internet of Things World Panel on the Future of IoT in 10 Years

Source: IoT World, Scott Amyx
Source: IoT World, Scott Amyx


Panel: A big picture look at IoT 10 years in the future

  • BEYOND CONNECTED TO INTELLIGENT: How far are we from truly smart products through AI, Deep Learning…
  • VOICE-CONTROLLED EVERYTHING: Are we already heading in this direction
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Will Blockchain live up to the hype and its potential? What could hinder the potential of these new technologies?
  • A HACK-FREE IoT: Building seamless, interoperable and reliable security across all platforms
  • A TRUSTWORTHY IoT: The changing concept of “privacy” in a connected and sharing world
  • BOTTOM-UP: Will Startup innovation continue to disrupt?
  • A STANDARDIZATION REVOLUTION: How far are we from a fully regulated, standardized and seamless IoT?
  • ADOPTION AND DEMAND: What does the consumer/enterprise want/need and how is this changing? How will the competition between startups and traditional tech providers play out?

MODERATOR: Dave Michels, Principal Analyst, TalkingPointz, Buffalo Communications, Inc.

Scott Amyx, Founder & CEO, Amyx+
Ismail Malik, CEO, Blockchain Lab
Gaia Dempsey, VP and Co-Founder, DAQRI
Kumar Srivastava, VP, Product & Strategy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, BNY Mellon, Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Ed Abrams, Vice President, Enterprise IoT, Samsung Electronics America
Sait Izmit, R&D Director Americas, Philips Hue