US Government IoT Policy Lags: Industry IoT Leading Charge


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How does US government IoT policy stack up with the rest of the world? According to IoT Pioneer Kevin Ashton, and other sources, US government lagging behind China, Germany, EU and soon to be S. Korea

America Last? is the title of an article Kevin Ashton published in July 2015, as part of a Politico “The Internet of What” special report, which went on to describe how woefully behind US politicians are in understanding the implications of IoT, much less taking steps to implement a cohesive strategy to keep the US at the forefront of innovation. See charts below.

In October 2014, IoT thought leader, Scott Amyx, published Internet of Things Needs Government Support in InformationWeek, which compared China, Germany, Britain and S. Korea national IoT programs to the non-existent US government IoT policies.

Refer to the full article on RCR Wireless News. Published on November 14, 2015. Author Jeff Mucci.