Krisha Young Talks About How Love Helped Her Lose 60 lbs

Krisha Young

“It wasn’t until I got very uncomfortable by learning to love myself. After spending over three decades hating on myself almost daily, this was the most uncomfortable and hardest thing I did.”

— Krisha Young, Lifestyle Strategist and Certified Life Coach,

Krisha was overweight all her life, but she was desperate to shed unwanted pounds. She began by focusing on food and exercise, the way everyone usually does. “I worked out like crazy and followed popular diets. That’s what everyone advises you, even Google. I drank shakes and took different herbal pills, appetite suppressant pills—basically, the works. Nothing really worked,” Krisha says.

Krisha would start with vigor but her efforts would fizzle out soon. She says, “Every Monday I started, and then quickly found myself face down in a plate of cupcakes, not understanding WHY?” She didn’t realize it was her inner sabotage that was the biggest roadblock. “The voice inside my head kept telling me I was bound to fail, or that it wasn’t that bad.” Somewhere in her mind, she was always getting comfortable with the idea of failing because she never truly loved herself. She knew, however, that she needs to strive hard to get where she wants to be.

How Krisha Turned Things Around?

After spending over three decades hating on herself almost daily, Krisha discovered something truly life-changing. She decided to love herself—truly, madly, and deeply. This wasn’t easy. In Krisha’s words, “This was the most uncomfortable and hardest thing I ever did. I was very uncomfortable, learning to love myself.” She adds, “Repeating over and over again ‘I am pure love’ felt so weird, awkward and I certainly did not feel like pure love.”

Krisha’s perseverance, however, paid. “The more I would strive, determined not to go back to my old habits again, the more comfortable I felt and the weight melted off without much effort. I didn’t need to deprive myself and do insane workouts.”

Krisha’s Advice to Everyone

“My advice to others is to look beyond the scale, food, and workouts. Deep down, most people know it’s not their job, kids, or lack of nutrition knowledge standing in their way. Whole foods like fruit, veggies, and limiting packaged foods, moving your body in a fun way, and taking the journey to first liking, and loving yourself is the key. Most importantly, adopt this as a lifestyle, not merely a diet change,” says Krisha.

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