Adriana Smith Achieves Fitness Goal by Doing the Uncomfortable — Becoming a Football Player

Adriana Smith
Credit: Adriana Smith

“If you’re thinking about taking on a goal that may appear too crazy, too extreme, or too unlike you, ask yourself if you’d regret not doing it if you were 65 years-old. If you answer Yes, then that’s your cue to go for it.”

— Adriana Smith, Founder and Blogger at Travepreneur

In 2010, Adriana Smith weighed 245 lbs; now she’s 180.

“Youtube was my gym and I lost 45 lbs. But, that wasn’t enough. One day on Instagram, I saw a family proudly wearing orange t-shirts with the number 18. Curious, I clicked on the profile and read the caption. A guy had created the post to support his girlfriend who played football. I checked her profile and was instantly intrigued and inspired.” Adriana knew right away that she wanted to become a football player.

Empowered and sexy, Adrian found her motivation to get fit. “I didn’t just want to be a comfortable 200 lbs; I wanted the agility and fluidity of an athlete. It was completely outside my comfort zone because I had never played a sport before.” She was a fan, but that was it. It never went beyond that. Besides, Adriana had her apprehensions about what her family would think? “I wasn’t comfortable at all telling my dream to anyone. It was totally unlike me.” Adriana says.

She had, however, already made her mind. She knew she had to strive hard.

How Adriana Smith Did It

Adriana began researching the league, tryouts, and what it took to play. She says, “Even though somewhat intimidated, I pursued this uncomfortable goal because I would’ve regretted not trying. I contacted a local trainer I found on Instagram, and set out to achieve my goal.” It took two years of grind with an unwavering focus to reach 167 lbs and 18% body fat.

“Finally, I had the confidence to try out with a team in Atlanta. Thanks to all the burpees, squats, lunges, planks, pull-ups, and HIIT cardio, I made the team,” says Adriana. Two years of striving brought her results that would seem impossible a few years back.

Adriana sums it up nicely how striving outside her comfort zone brought her, “While I kept losing weight, more importantly, I gained something that really matters: strength and mental focus.”

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