VirchyBike LITE Makes Indoor Bike Exercise More Fun

Virchybike LITE
Source: Gadget Flow

Let’s admit—exercising on an indoor bike is not much fun. Sure, paddling hard is the way to lose that extra flab, but it’s not exactly fun and exciting. Now, imagine this while you ride: actual course vision, changing landscape, feeling the change in speed and gears, and so on. It sure sounds way more fun than peddling away on a stationary bike. To take it a notch higher, you can even compete with fellow riders. VirchyBike LITE is here.

Virtual reality enables all this for indoor bikes, and that’s what VirchyBike LITE is offering. Aimed to motivate users by making indoor exercising more fun, it demonstrates leveraging technology innovatively. Per company founder and CEO, Jaehyun Shin, “We believe that indoor bikes should promote fun and dynamic exercise. With VirchyBike, we strive to maximize the indoor cycling experience.”

What Does VirchyBike LITE Offer

Virchy Studio platform is a comprehensive offering that includes realistic course riding, VR games, virtual classes, and personalized workout regimen. In a Virtual class, the bike can dynamically respond to the instructor’s commands, for example, applying auto-resistance control.

VirchyBike LITE has also partnered with ANSWER Inc., the creator of RORA, a VR game to provide a realistic VR riding game experience.

While VirchyBike LITE takes users into a virtual world that feels real enough, it employs artificial intelligence (AI) as well. AI enables comprehensive tracking of user’s workout data, fitness stats, preparing a personalized dynamic fitness plan, and much more. Users have total flexibility to incorporate personal preferences and choices in their exercise schedules. Accordingly, AI can make changes.

Designed to be able to adjust to individual users’ riding styles and body types, VirchyBike LITE offers unmatched personalization.

Available for $399 as pre-order on Kickstarter, VirchyBike LITE is surprisingly affordable. Deliveries of the bike are expected in 2018.