Scott Amyx Speaking on theCUBE at IBM InterConnect 2016


Scott Amyx Speaking on theCUBE at IBM InterConnect

Scott Amyx on the CUBE at IBM InterConnect

Scott Amyx, Venture1st & Amyx+, at IBM InterConnect 2016 with John Furrier and Dave Vellante

Cognitive computing has the potential to unlock ourselves.

AI/ machine learning is ever becoming pervasive and integrated into our daily lives, from cognitive computing, affective computing to robotics, AI is maturing towards strong AI. No longer will we need to interface one-to-many with apps and devices but rather we will have an intermediary — an AI ambient virtual assistant that will coordinate and negotiate will apps and devices on the network’s edge on our behalf.

Personal Empowered Economy

The traditional goal of psychology has been to relieve human suffering but the goal of Positive Psychology movement as described in Flourish By Martin Seligman is about raising the bar for the human condition.

Flourish builds on concepts of optimism, motivation, and character to show how to get the most out of life and what makes a good life—for individuals, for businesses, and for nations.

What allows you to flourish? “Well-being” takes center stage. Happiness (or Positive Emotion) becomes one of the five pillars of Positive Psychology, along with Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning become very interesting. Through cognitive computing, neuroscience, affective computing, wearables and the Internet of Things, we can begin to systematically and automatically detect and measure each of those pillars. Listen to Scott elaborate on this concept.