Scott Amyx Speaking at IBM InterConnect on IoT Data Analytics & Disruptions


Scott Amyx Speaking at IBM InterConnect on IoT Data Analytics

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Title: IoT Expert Panel: What Will the IoT Look Like in Ten Years?

Moderator: Chris O’Connor, GM, Internet of Things for IBM

Speakers: Scott Amyx, Amyx+McKinsey; Tim Crawford, AVOA; Jim Harris , Strategic Advantage ; Tamara McCleary, Relationshift; Dave McCrory, Basho Technologies

1. With increasing connectivity and the ability to interact with almost all devices in the coming years, how will this hyper-connectivity change the way we live our lives and interact with each other?

2. It’s clear that the Internet of Things is transforming industries, but how do you think it will blur lines and bring industries together?

3. As many organizations are working on IoT development and implementations, how important are open standards to the future of the IoT?

4. IoT security requires securing data, the cloud and securing devices — adding a new element of physical security into the mix. Remote access to medical devices and vehicles also demands a higher level of security and privacy. What are the keys to ensuring IoT security and privacy?

5. How will enterprises filter through the plethora of IoT data to find what matters and what can make a difference to their organization?

6. What does the future of analyzing IoT data look like? Pulling data into the cloud to analyze, or will edge analytics become the norm?

7. A fast unfolding promise is that of applying cognitive computing to IoT data. Where do you think cognitive IoT is headed, and what are some opportunities that cognitive can help unlock?