Scott Amyx Speaking at IoT Security 2015, Boston


Scott Amyx Amyx McKinsey Speaking at IoT Security Wearables and IoT

Securing IoT Networks and Ecosystems Through Managed PKI Certificates

When it comes to IoT security, we can’t afford to take a chance. This presentation is meant to give you a balanced perspective on securing the IoT with PKI certificates.

  • What is PKI?
  • Evaluating between In-House vs. Managed
  • Shortcomings and criticisms with PKI
  • Open source options

Security is difficult to understand and hard to implement. There are no shortcuts to true security, and a corporate ecosystem is only as good as its foundational principles. As IoT expands, no company can discount the tremendous security risks associated with having a multitude of possible infrastructure weaknesses. Digital PKI certificates will not resolve all security problems. It’s important to weigh the pros & cons and right-size it for your organization.

As Angela Keith highlights in a SANS Institute paper entitled: Common issues in PKI implementations – climbing the “Slope of Enlightenment” – PKIs are not perfect, but that there is a sizeable number of governing bodies, corporations, and individuals tackling the issues that arise from PKI implementation.

Watch the Securing IoT Networks and Ecosystems Through Managed PKI Certificates video.