How Krista Canfield McNish Found Love Atop Mount Kilimanjaro

Krista Canfield McNish
Krista Canfield McNish

Hiking and taking big trips can make or break a relationship. You get a crash course in the other person and discovering the real self of that person.

– Krista Canfield McNish, Founder and Chief Discoverer,

Krista Canfield McNish is an avid traveler, hiker, and trekker. She has done hikes across the world. Krista has already traveled to more than 400 cities across 66 countries. She is also the founder of the food, fashion and travel site

One of the most memorable hikes Krista has ever done was Mount Kilimanjaro. She shares, “One of the hardest things I’ve ever done in a love relationship was summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with my boyfriend (now husband).” She also says it was the first time he said “I love you,” and it was also the first time she experienced snow blindness.

Finding Herself in a Scary Situation

Summiting the tallest mountain in Africa takes training and nerves of steel. Talking about how she suffered snow blindness, Krista shares, “The route we took involved crossing an avalanche-prone area. I had worn sunglasses to protect my eyes, but I took them off to better see each rock I grabbed. Big mistake.”

Krista further elaborates how scary and difficult this experience was for her. “Later that night, all the sudden, things got foggy in our tent. It was like I was in a steam room. Being at high altitude and nowhere near a hospital was scary,” she says.

Krista had myriad thoughts running through her head. “Did I damage my eyesight for good? Would this guy I was dating still like me if I go blind?”

Discovering Real Love Through Her Suffering

Krista’s eyes started feeling better in about 24 hours and in about two weeks she recovered fully. She confesses snow blindness got her mighty scared. However, quite ironically, it was the snow blindness that helped her see a lot of things more clearly. She says, “I came to know how caring and doting my boyfriend (now husband) is, where our relationship stood (he expressed his love for the first time during that trip) and not to take anything for granted (your sight, people you love, and so on).”

Krista’s Advice on How Hiking Can Help You Discover Your Partner

Krista makes an important point about how hiking. She says, “Hiking and taking big trips can make or break a relationship. You get a crash course in the other person—Are they a morning person? Do they prefer to lounge or be on the go? How do they handle stressful situations?” In addition, no electronic distractions such as cell phones, tabs, and laptops mean getting more personal interactions with fellow hikers. Overall, she says, one gets to experience the real self of that person much better than just a dinner date or a movie outing.

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