Comma AI’s Dash Cam is the First Step to Self-Driving Cars

Comma AI

Comma AI is utilizing its EON dash cam developer kit to train its AI by tracking your driving. The company’s long-term goal is to run a vehicle’s operating system, and EON dash cam is a big step in that direction.

The $700 EON dash developer kit is basically a OnePlus3 Android phone. Comma AI’s software, housed in the phone, runs apps such as Waze and Spotify while you drive. The software can tap directly into the phone’s GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and camera. The hardware works hand-in-hand with the EON-exclusive Chffrplus app, which trains the company’s self-driving AI system. It does this through its distributed consumer hardware as it tracks the vehicle’s driving.

The Plan Behind Comma AI’s EON

As of now, the EON hardware and software is merely a dash cam and not a self-driving system for the car. Comma AI founder George Hotz said they’re “building out each component” to have a truly consumerized self-drive system. While they are pretty far from a true AI-driving system, this is an important milestone towards that aim.

The app’s info is useful for EON users. They can use the info to keep track of their car journeys. In addition, the dash cam is useful during an accident as the app provides video proof. Right now, the software doesn’t have any ability to control your car that is not autonomous driving capability.

Comma AI’s Competition

AI’s ultimate goal is to build an operating system that would work for any vehicle. This would put Comma AI as one of the main competitors of Google’s Waymo. Comma AI is competing with a number of automotive companies to bring the world a level 4 autonomous vehicle. The list includes giants such as Ford, GM, Tesla, among several other giants with deep pockets. Currently, the industry has the Cadillac Super Cruise, Tesla Autopilot, and Audi’s new level 3 vehicle.

Everyone is trying to build their own AI system, including both hardware and software. However, these technologies cannot interact with each other. That’s where Hotz says he thinks all the tech companies are taking a wrong approach. He says while individual hardware is all right, the software part should be such that it can work across platforms. And that’s where he thinks Comma AI can be a crucial player. So, right now, EON is not driving your car, but that’s exactly what Comma AI is working towards.