Looxid Labs is Using VR and Brain Waves to Better Recognize Human Emotions

Source: TechCrunch

On September 18, Looxid Labs launched a technology that harnesses EEG accordingly. Looxid Lab’s means of using EEG tech differently intends to refine and add more purpose to current virtual reality (VR) applications. Looxid Labs will be factoring in brain waves into VR applications in order to accurately infer emotions. Other products such as MindMaze and even Samsung have tried creating similar applications through facial muscles recognition.

The Research Behind Virtual Reality and Emotions

VR has not been able to so far find its niche within consumer markets. But the technology can definitely find its place in specific research, which Looxid Labs intends to do. Their use of EEG will employ the emotional reactions of individuals to some VR experiences to improve insight tracking. The system itself is able to interpret the accumulated sensory input gained from each reaction to the VR simulations. So how exactly does LooxidVR work? A person wears a headset and this lets him or her point to a subject that gets their attention. This headset is closely integrated to the user, letting it register the individual’s emotion. Three scales—namely, excitement and depression, dominance and submissiveness, and happiness and sadness—are the basis for LooxidVR’s insight measurement.

The solution may find appropriate applications in various industries. Doctors and medical researchers can better understand how patients react and apply the analysis to physical therapy or pain management. Education researchers can determine what programs or methods confuse students. As a result, teachers can refine their programs better or develop improved training apps.

Future Plans

Looxid doesn’t intend to enter the consumer market just yet. Right now, they are improving the developer kit so it can be of use to early adopters. The integrated solution in the form of LooxidVR is a much-needed alternative to the current hardware that is devoid of any such integrated solution. In terms of future plans in the consumer market, Looxid has to consider the challenge of integrating VR input tech with what Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are offering. The cost of building this system could be pretty steep, but Looxid’s tech aligns quite well with the needs of their target consumers. And that bodes well for the company.