Darktrace and Siemens to Create Cybersecurity Solutions for Oil and Gas


A partnership between Britain’s Darktrace and Germany’s Siemens AG could allow electric utilities and those operating in oil and gas sector to better defend themselves against cyber-attacks on their operational technology.

It could also help Darktrace reach out to a larger customer base.

The companies entered a strategic cyber security partnership to provide solutions to businesses operating in those industries.

Darktrace, which is backed by U.S. private equity giant KKR, is hoping to leverage its proprietary technology with Siemens’ security expertise to help businesses identify threats at their earliest stages.

Darktrace describes its cyber security solution as an “Enterprise Immune System” that continually adapts itself against new threats thanks to machine learning and AI algorithms. It is hoping the partnership will help fast-track the delivery of its technology to additional customers.

Nicole Eagan, Darktrace’s CEO, said that businesses are “open [to] a new and glaring vulnerability” as they increasingly go digital. Specifically in the oil and gas sector, data could be vulnerable to threats as it passes through different stages.

“Through this strategic collaboration, Siemens and Darktrace will give customers actionable insights and intelligence to be faster in identifying and neutralizing those threats, protecting critical assets from harmful and costly attacks,” Aymeric Sarrazin, the senior vice president of Siemens Power Generation Services’ controls and digitalization, said in a statement.