Amyx+ Contributes to WhichPLM Report 6th Edition: IoT Issue



Amyx+ Contributes to WhichPLM Report 6th Edition: IoT Issue

For five years, WhichPLM has provided the industry with the ‘PLM bible.’ And this year is no exception — the WhichPLM Report: 6th Edition.

While the 2015 publication blended the traditional PLM market analysis and editorial with a special focus on 3D working, this year’s report marries the same degree of PLM insight to an extremely in-depth look at the Internet of Things as it relates to retail, footwear and apparel.

Much of the discussion that today surrounds how the retail, footwear and apparel industry will respond to the IoT is devoted to understanding precisely what its impact will be on consumers, and where its potential value lies for retailers, brands, manufacturers, supply chain partners and agents who often recognise the term at the acronym level but would be hard-pressed to articulate it any further.

The purpose of our 6th Edition Report is to take meaningful steps towards a greater and more widespread understanding of the IoT among readers – from the CEOs to the sourcing managers – and to present a unique, unbiased examination of its history, its technological foundations, and how other industries are already making use of it.

As with previous years, the 6th Edition includes profiles of the retail, footwear and apparel industry’s key PLM vendors, as well as their thoughts on the Internet of Things. This year, each vendor has been given the chance to write a two-page article on the topic. As have the industry’s key consultants & implementers, who are listed straight after.