Scott Amyx Speaking on Redefining the Marketing Paradigm with IoT



Scott Amyx Speaking on Redefining the Marketing Paradigm with IoT

Affectio Human Data Analytics Platform

Affectio is a human data analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence, mobile, wearables and the Internet of Things to reveal deep insights about people — how they feel, think, behave and engage brands.

Problem Statement:
– Understanding people is the key to marketing, sales and customer service but today’s tools are limited in their insights
– Today’s ‘throwing darts in the dark’ approach to customer engagement leads to annoyance, lost in sale or worse, tarnished brand reputation
– 80% of all data today is unstructured and untapped

What Affectio can do for you?

– Delight your customers every time
– Empirically identify what excites your customers the most and when
– Obtain deeper insights into consumer’s emotional reaction
– Create a powerful, interactive customer experience
– Analyze unstructured data to reveal insights, patterns and relationships
– Deliver highly personalized and timely messages through personal influencers
– Increase brand loyalty and emotional connection with target segments
– Adapt execution real-time based on human data insights
– Accurately target products or services when most desired
– Influence buying decision real-time
– Increase purchase conversion
– Optimize return on brand engagement
– Quantify the efficacy of marketing, sales and customer service initiatives
– Data visualize customer engagement in real-time on Affectio platform

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Affectio Health
Interprets patient data and electronic medical records to deliver highly personalized insights