Scott Amyx Speaking on Human Data Analytics at IoT Asia in Singapore


Scott Amyx Speaking at IoT Asia in Singapore

Wearables and IoT to Redefine the Advertising & Marketing Paradigm

Based on real-world use cases and pilot case studies, Scott Amyx will share deployments and applications of IoT and wearable technologies. Live demo of technology.

The rich, multimodality data collected across wearables and IoT (smart watches, jewelry, clothing, clip-ons, connected cars, smart homes, etc.) enable an intelligent ambient computing system, working symbiotically with your body area network and the broader Internet of Things environmental sensors. From knowing when you are stressed and fatigued to what you’re interested in the moment, using facets of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and affective computing, we can start to automatically determine your context, reaction, interest and cognitive load. After all, understanding how we perceive is often the driver to our decisions, behaviors, habits, and attitudes. Implications are significant from sales, marketing, advertising, retail, customer service, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment to even preserving one’s most important moments in the form of physiological signatures associated with your emotional highs.

– The Millennials and other consumer segments are blocking ads on the computer, mobile, and social media and disregarding traditional marketing messages
– The fundamental advertising model is broken. The advertising industry is struggling to remain relevant
– Understanding the importance of SnapChat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and the messaging platform phenomenon
– The new language of emojis
– Wearables and IoT will provide new cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral data analytics for brands and advertisers
– Real-time online and offline detection and classification across multi-modalities to understand consumer’s context, intent, interest, engagement, state of emotion, and frame of mind to deliver contextual & personalized messaging when it’s most relevant and receptive to the recipient
– Converting facial expressions, body language, voice analysis, physiological parameters, and IoT environmental sensor signals to primary and advanced emotions and then automatically converting those emotions into emojis for consumer brand engagement
– The digital currency of happiness. Rewarding happy micro-moments with sponsored emojis and messaging that resonates with consumer segments
– Interactive live demo of technology
– Case studies and lessons learned from pilots and active implementations