Unlock the Power of the Internet of Things for Your Business


According to IDC, $1.7 trillion will be spent on IoT in 2020. Last year, the smart home industry alone generated $79.4 billion in revenue. How will you realize your next billion dollar product line?

Amyx+, a leading Internet of Things strategy & implementation agency, is working with some of the largest enterprises to bring IoT innovation to life.

About Our Work

+Machine Learning-Driven Data Analytics
How do you make sense of unstructured big data?

Amyx+ is helping a prominent consumer brand to unlock their unstructured data. Our data scientists are applying AI/ machine learning best practices and techniques to extract meaningful, actionable insights to equip management to optimize their decision-making from sales, marketing, product development, distribution, retail to customer service.

+The Future of Security & Privacy
How will decentralized computing change the security technology landscape? 

Amyx+ is working with a leading security and privacy firm to explore how to secure messaging and transactions in a trustless peer-to-peer decentralized world. Amyx+ is developing their next generation security platform that will leverage the power of blockchain ledger cryptography.

+Raising the Customer Service Bar for Financial Services
How will financial services institutions compete in the commoditized robo-advisor market

The financial services industry is faced with continual downward pressure on margins, low customer satisfaction, and commoditized products. Amyx+ is working with a publicly traded financial services company to help increase trust, higher retention, and competitive differentiation by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to better understand customers and to tailor an experience that’s highly personalized to the needs of each customer.

+Smart-Enabled Homes
How could an intelligent home add value to its homeowners?

The smart home movement isn’t just about smart things inside the home. The home itself is getting smarter. Amyx+ is helping a major residential component manufacturer to add intelligence to their product line. From being able to measure potentially dangerous level of nanoparticles in the air to the awakening of the home itself to provide maximum comfort, protection, and savings for families.

How do you optimize the performance of athletes while heightening the fan experience at home and in the stadium?

Amyx+ is working with the Olympics in the U.S. and abroad to bring new wearables- and IoT-enabled data analytics to elevate high performance sports to new heights. Amyx+ is in the planning stages on the application of on-the-body wearables, smart stadium, interactive fan experience, and AI/ machine learning data analytics for application to Olympics.