Scott Amyx Speaking at IoT Data Analytics & Visualization Summit



Scott Amyx Speaking at IoT Data Analytics and Visualization Summit

With billions of sensors collecting trillions of data points, the Internet of Things will amass data on a scale never before seen. Only when we analyze that data can we truly release the value of the internet of things.

The primary value in an IoT system is its ability to perform analytics on the acquired data and extract useful insights however building a pipeline for performing scalable analytics with the volume and velocity of data associated with IoT is no simple task.

GE estimates that convergence of machines, data and analytics will become a $200 billion global industry over the next three years, and despite the fact that this potential is already beginning to be realized, there are still many unanswered questions and challenges associated with this

The IoT Data Analytics & Visualization Summit is the first dedicated event to tackle and showcase the ways in which companies can evolve their strategy and focus from just connecting things to capturing insights in order to achieve true value from IoT.

Implementing Standards, Frameworks, and Tackling Data Security & Privacy Issues

· Setting standards and creating frameworks to protect IoT data and to manage key privacy concerns
· What new privacy, ethical and security concerns does this pose?
· Addressing the gaps in a legal and regulatory framework governing consumer protection and data: How can this hinder developments moving forward? Why is privacy regulation lagging?
· Impact of IoT on cybersecurity and vice versa
· Should companies be reducing the amount of data collected by IoT devices have?
· Should companies be increasing transparency and providing consumers with a choice to opt-out of data collection?

aaModerator: Gerry Christensen, Chief Research Officer, Mind Commerce
Scott Amyx, CEO, Amyx+
Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators
Paul Plofchan, VP Government and Regulatory Affairs, Chief Privacy Officer, ADT
Michael R. Tennefoss, VP, Aruba Networks/Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Member, Industrial Internet Consortium