Scott Amyx Interviewed on TV: The “Smart” Gun Debate


Scott Amyx on TV Wearables and IoT

The “Smart” Gun Debate

Do smart gun technologies make guns safer?

Scott Amyx, CEO of Amyx+ and global thought leader in wearables and IoT, provides a technology perspective.

Smart guns, though the allure of extra safety through enhanced technology sounds enticing, may prove to be counter useful in some cases. Smart-enabled guns use RFID chips, tokens, biometrics such as fingerprint or other mechanical safety features.

Certainly for smart technologies that rely on biometrics there are some challenges. Everything from inaccuracy (think using the fingerprint unlock function on an iPhone when you’re in a rush), reliance on electricity and battery (think smart-enabled door locks that do not function because the batter is dead.) to potential for hacking & tracking vulnerability.