CES 2016 Trends Preview


CES Preview

The world’s largest consumer electronics event, International CES promises a whole host of new releases, from wearables and 3D printers, to home entertainment and kitchen appliances. Here’s what the Stylus team and our expert contributors predict will be big news in January.

  • Reforming Tech: “This will be my first trip to CES. Not only am I keen to see the latest CMD (Colour Material Design) developments for home and personal electronics, but also the latest innovations for hardware. LG is unveiling its prototype flexible screen — this will definitely be one of the first stands I visit.
  • Hyper Drive: “With more than 100 automotive tech companies set to show at CES in 2016 — a 25% increase in exhibit space over last year — we can expect a flurry of auto innovations, from major advances in electric and driverless cars, to disappearing steering wheels, truly immersive infotainment and haptic displays.
  • Artificial Everything: “While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning aren’t new, they will become pervasive as enterprises and start-ups unearth a treasure trove of actionable intelligence from data. Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon will continue to invest in their virtual assistant algorithms. Apple, Google, Salesforce, Facebook and others will continue their AI mergers and acquisitions binge.
  • Precision Health: “The integration of personal health and clinical health data via wearable and IoT devices will pave the way for consumers to own their health. Some areas of focus include the health of the heart, lungs, body weight, sleep patterns, calorie burning, chronic pain, muscle and brain activity.

CES runs from January 6-­9 in Las Vegas. Watch out for more coverage, coming soon. Meanwhile, look to our reporting from IFA for recent innovations in consumer electronics.

Originally published on Stylus. Published on December 18, 2015. Authors Kuan Chi Hau, Hayley Ard, Scott Amyx & Dipesh Patel.