50 Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2016



What do business owners, professionals and experts expect 2016 to hold for small business? Business News Daily got in touch to find out, and, overall, the consensus is that it will be a year ripe with opportunity, yet also teeming with new obstacles to overcome. From public policies and regulation to harnessing the newest technologies, the responses run the gamut of everything small business owners should be aware of before the ball drops in Times Square.

Here are 50 key ideas, trends and predictions to keep in mind in order to make the most of 2016 for both your business and the people it serves.

The Rise of Emotional Analytics

“The real exciting development is that we will start to see the incremental rollout of emotion analytics. For instance, we are piloting with major brands and retailers to implement technologies to gauge the emotional engagement of customers to messaging or ads on digital signage on site, as well as to gauge product favorability through the ‘Internet of Things’ — sensors on premise and wearables on customers.” – Scott Amyx, founder and CEO, Amyx+

Refer to the full article on Business News Daily. Published on December 10, 2015. Author Adam C. Uzialko.