Cognitive Computing Powers 6 Smart Deployments



Cognitive computing, which enabled IBM Watson to win Jeopardy!, is helping professionals get expert assistance and make faster, more intelligent decisions based on highly complex big data.

Understand Your Audience

Performers, talent managers, and venue owners want to understand their audiences at a more personal level so they can fine-tune their content, improve audience experiences, order the right number and sizes for promotional items, and improve marketing ROI. Social aggregation tool provider Ampsy has developed a geofencing technology that aggregates, curates, and displays fan-generated content from live events. The company is using IBM Watson technology for sentiment analysis to understand how an entire audience feels about a concert generally, as well as specifics such as keywords and key phrases and how the audience felt about the playlist, the service, the security, and the parking.

“The venue owner, band manager, event producer, and talent [can understand] what fans are feeling in the live moment,” said Jeremy Gocke, founder and CEO of Ampsy. “The stakeholders want to understand who their fans are and have the ability to micro-market to them.”

A client can take the content gathered from its geofence and embed it on its website or on a social property and encourage fans to use a certain hashtag when sharing their content. There is also a personality-insights option that can analyze a fan’s historical tweets to derive a persona. A manufacturer is using Ampsy to understand sentiment about the band merchandise it produces.

Comprehend Emotion

Predicting emotion isn’t easy because how a person feels, what they perceive, and the decisions they make can change based on context. Wearables and IoT strategy and execution agency Amyx+ is developing technology that can understand customers in context — where they are, what they’re doing, who they’re with, and how they’re feeling in the moment — using data gathered from smartphones, smartwatches, and the IoT.

“We think cognitive science will be popular on the retail side. When you walk into a store, they have lots of data about their product and about you, but they don’t know how you’re going to behave right then and there,” said Scott Amyx, founder and CEO of Amyx+. “Once we understand what’s going on, what they’re interested in the most, [we can] send those trigger points to the campaign management system, email, social media, and other chat forums and say you have an affinity with this particular product. Moreover, your emotion unlocks an opportunity which might be a promotion or a coupon.”

To read the full article, visit InformationWeek. Published on November 3, 2015. Author Lisa Morgan.