Scott Amyx Speaking at Localization World on IoT


Scott Amyx Speaking at Localization World on IoT.

Scott Amyx Giving Keynote Speech

Scott Amyx Keynote

Internet of Things is about bringing sensing and computing capabilities into our daily lives. The IoT movement rivals that of the Industrial Revolution. IoT has the potential awaken 99+ % of inanimate objects around us.

In terms of market projection, they predict that there will be some 50 billion connected IoT devices by 2020. Some estimates are even higher. That means that the average person will own some 7 connected devices by 2020. The interesting thing is that most of us already own 7 or more Internet-enabled devices at home.

So how will wearables and IoT change localization?

  • We will know more about ourselves but so will companies
  • Machines are becoming smarter
  • They will speak more like humans
  • Consumers are going to have higher expectations because they expect systems and services to be smarter
  • Translation and localization would need to happen instantaneously
  • Localization won’t be only about websites, mobile and print
  • And certainly it won’t be business as usual

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