Sendrato Wins Wearable Technologies Innovator of the Year


Live Event Crowd Engagement Wearable Device

Yesterday at the 14th Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 in Munich, Germany, Sendrato, a Dutch wearable startup for large scale events, was crowned overall Innovation World Cup winner.Sendrato promotes itself as a complete infrastructure solution for large scale festivals and events with capabilities to support crowd engagement, access control, security, and cost reduction.

At the wearable device level, Sendrato can be best described as an interactive wristband for live events and concerts. Participants strap on Sendrato’s LED bracelets that change color at the orchestration of a DJ, who manipulates lighting canvas on the crowd via Sendrato’s iPad app.

Event organizations can order Sendrato’s wristbands in leather, fabric or plastics, with or without the organizer’s logo.

Similar to Intellitix’s smart solutions for events, Sendrato also offers a secure means to manage access control at events. The system consists of wireless bracelets connected to a network infrastructure that provides access, time, and space information. Data analysis tools are available to event organizers to deep dive into the data.

In the backend, Sendrato’s Festival Hub Software, an integrated ERP solution for large scale festival organizers, integrates with online ticket sales, incident management, CRM, logistics, and financial modules. Sendrato hopes that their event control system can help organizers manage all the stages from preparation and planning, execution to follow up, in a fully customizable way.

Sendrato presents a monetizable use case of applying wearables in the large scale events vertical. Sponsors and event organizers accustomed to low-cost Intellitix’s RFID bands may be in for a sticker shock, especially when the scale gets into tens of thousand to several million festival and concert goers.

Originally published on the Examiner on February 3, 2015. Author Scott Amyx.