Jesse Harrison

Jesse Harrison Overcomes Social Anxiety to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

"The success snowballs and motivates you to persevere." — Jesse Harrison, Founder and CEO, Employee Justice Legal Team Jesse Harrison has suffered from social anxiety for...
Melissa Smith

How Melissa Smith, After Losing Her Husband, Took Control of Her Own Destiny

"If you want it bad enough, willing to take the harsh criticism and failures, keep working until you find the right problem and solution....
Sandy Stein

Sandy Stein: The Flight Attendant Who Soared Higher Than Any Flight

"Believe in yourself and go for it when others tell you 'you can’t' just because they can’t." — Sandy Stein, Founder, Finders Key Purse, Sandy Stein...
BJ Dowlen & Oprah Winfrey

Superstorm Sandy Took Away Everything Except BJ Dowlen’s Indomitable Spirit

"My advice to anyone is to be relentless and have single-minded focus on your goals, and nothing will stop you!" – BJ Dowlen, Founder, Bodyworks...

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Rich Palmer

How a Brain Aneurysm Turned Rich Palmer From a Job Seeker to a Job...

“Throughout the experience—and continuing through today—I am compelled to persevere. I keep a steady head and go as fast as possible in the right...