Google Management Practices

Why Google is Sharing its Management Practices?

Google has made its management processes and documents available for free. For many years, Google has been at the forefront when it comes to...
Scott Amyx

Scott Amyx Interviewed on Czech TV

Scott Amyx Interviewed on Czech TV (Watch from 17:57) Video:
Humans and Robots Collaborate

Robots are Here to Assist You, Not Take Away Your Jobs

Recently there’s been media debate on advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robots taking away jobs in different industries. Much of this fearmongering, however,...
AI in military

AI in the Military: Paradigm Shift in Warfare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pervading nearly in every sphere of our lives. Banks, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing, and other industries are actively deploying AI-based solutions...
AI and IoT in retail

Walmart Using IoT and AI to Usher in Future of Retail

Walmart is the undisputed king of retail for decades. The recent years have ­­witnessed meteoric rise of primarily online retailers such as Amazon and...
Oil & Gas

IoT Offers Optimization, Cost Minimization and Worker Safety for Oil & Gas

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are producing significant and sustainable results for Oil & Gas companies. These organizations envision long-term solutions that enable sustainable...
quantum communication

China Achieves Breakthrough in Developing a Quantum Communication Network

Einstein termed quantum entanglement a spooky phenomenon, something that seems to go against the very basic law—nothing travels faster than light. An eminent group...

3D-Printing Assures Fresh Fruit Delivery

A 3D-printing device could be the answer to ensure that fruits are fresh during transport. Swiss Federal Laboratories researchers developed a novel 3D-printed fruit casing...
Speech Recognition 2017

Google Expands Speech Recognition Capabilities to Over 30 More Languages

Google is adding a multitude of languages to its speech recognition capabilities. The expansion will cover 30 international languages and local dialects, including India...
Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 and Electric Cars Beckon Ubiquitous City Charging

The release of the first affordable electric car, the Model 3, has garnered worldwide attention, and rightly so. Tesla plans to sell 430,000 cars...

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AI for Business

How to Leverage AI to Build a Successful Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. From mundane to specific searches on Google, photo tagging on Facebook, shopping...
Dancing with the Stars

Story of Strive: Season 26 of Dancing with the Stars Starts Today

The new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is here. The show started in 2005, and currently Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews co-host...
Serena Williams

Story of Strive: A True Champion, Serena Williams, Becomes a Mother

On September 13, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian introduced their daughter born on September 1.  The baby girl of the Tennis champion and Reddit...